Here’s how to tuck into a a superbly satisfying gulit-free pancake.  I’ve sneaked in a scoop of protein powder -so when you’ve eaten this one you won’t be hankering for a whole heap more!

Makes 1

1 ripe banana, sliced

1 egg

30g protein powder

25g jumbo oats

1tsp coconut oil

To serve:

date syrup  (or something simular)

50g frozen summer berries, defrosted

1 Pop the banana, egg, protein powder and oats into a small processor or mini blender.

2 Whizz together to blend until combined and smooth.

3 Heat a griddle or non stick pancake pan with the coconut oil. Pour in the pancake batter and cook for 2 minutes each side.

4 Drizzle over the date syrup and top with berries, serve and enjoy!

Looking for something more traitional?  Here’s some more of my faves;

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